Why Mint Orthodontics

We are confident that Mint Orthodontics is the right partner for you. You will find that Dr. Sudit, the staff and the patient experience are everything you are looking for.

Dr. Sudit has treated over 1500 Invisalign cases and is a true expert in the growing clear aligner techniques. He has been trained by some of the best orthodontists in the field. He can truly be counted on for dependable, safe and proven results.

He also prides himself on being a true partner to his referrers. He makes sure you are in the loop on patient progress and major treatment decisions. He is incredibly loyal and always looks for ways to go above and beyond in any business relationship.

The staff and experience at Mint Orthodontics is also a great match for you and your patients. Your patients trust you to send them to someone they can depend on and be comfortable with. Mint Orthodontics makes sure everything they do revolves around a safe, comfortable and speedy experience. Learn more about our practice.

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