Orthodontics for Kids

We promise. Orthodontics for kids is not a scheme to get your kids to have braces twice. Interceptive orthodontics (that’s orthodontics for kids ages 7-11) is a technique and philosophy which was developed to address certain orthodontic problems between the ages of 7-11. This early intervention and phased treatment can result in fewer extracted teeth and better patient compliance (that means that your kids will be more likely to wear their retainers or rubber bands, etc).

The most common treatment used in interceptive orthodontics is Arch Expansion and orthopedic growth appliances (laymans terms: appliances that make the mouth or jaw bigger). This allows more room for permanent teeth and makes later orthodontic treatment much simpler.

These early interventions act as Phase 1 of a two-step orthodontic treatment. Phase 2 will occur closer to the time when standard orthodontics generally takes place. Interceptive orthodontic techniques will allow Phase 2 of the treatment to become simpler, less extensive, less time consuming, and less expensive than it otherwise would have been.

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