Cost of Braces

Braces are almost a right of passage for teenagers. It seems that every kid’s TV show has an episode about getting braces, or a character’s ongoing gag is about their desperate need for orthodontics, or some characters even rock some super unfortunate orthodontic work as a nod to the plight of the teenager:

rock-n-roll girl braces cute glasses little girl braces
bradey girl braces beavis braces

And now, more and more adults are getting some form of orthodontics, too. As we age, our bones shift and our mouths adjust, so naturally our teeth shift, too. These changes can lead to health and confidence issues, so orthodontics is a natural choice for adults.

Gwen Stefani Pink hair braces Faye Dunaway with braces Cynthia Nixon Miranda Hobbes Sex in the City braces

With all of this orthodontic work going on, what can you expect to pay?

The simple answer is that it’s variable. Every case is different, so there isn’t really an average cost.

The complicated with lots of asterisks answer, is that on average, proper orthodontic treatment ranges from $4,500 to $7,500. Now here is what goes into that complex answer. Take a look in the mirror:

  • Are your teeth crooked?
  • Are they crowded?
  • Are there spaces or gaps between your teeth?
  • Do your teeth match up nicely when you bite down?
  • Are your teeth symmetrical?
  • Do you have any jaw abnormalities?
  • Do you require an appliance before straightening teeth like an expander?
  • Have all of your permanent teeth grown in?
  • Are you under age 11 and can benefit from Early Treatment orthodontics (also known as Phase 1 orthodontics)?
  • Do you prefer traditional braces or Invisalign?
  • Do you want a result that lasts a lifetime?
  • Do you want treatment from a trained orthodontist instead of a general practitioner?

All of these questions, and a myriad of others, are the variables that go into determining your proper orthodontic treatment and cost.

At Mint Orthodontics, we are super flexible and do everything possible to meet patient needs. We can often find ways to adjust your treatment or adjust your cost to better meet expectations and provide the type of care that fits the individual patient.

To determine the cost for your particular orthodontic case, contact us for your free consultation. You can even request a digital consultation.

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